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This deviation was deleted

Well, already, I love the look of the water's darkening shade as it goes deeper, as well as a few light rays penetrating the water's surface. Nice way to account for Isabella's hair floating with the water, as well as her position while drifting beneath the water surface. Her hair has varying texture with the light, just like her clothes. The bubbles' light reflection matches the light source nicely, too. I'm...not sure why the pupils of her eyes are bulging all Anime-style, but I ain't complaining. The reflection of the light in the eyes is nicely-done, too, as well as accounting for the fact that her eyes are that beautiful sapphire blue (I'm am Isabella fanboy...what can I say? :XD:). In short, very well done as a whole. No complaints that I can think of. Making it a little more textured in terms of light would make this way cool, though. Whatever you decide to do from here is on you, and I already love how this came out. God bless, peace be with you, and Godspeed in all your endeavors. :pray: :salute:
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